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He Man Masters Of The Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure Snake Man At Arms

He Man Classics Exclusive Action Figure

He Man Classics Exclusive from Mattel Toys is very wonderful to play with. Just one of the major characteristics for this toy is the also included is issue #2 of the all-new 30th anniversary mini-comic (#2 in a series of 3). It's 9.2"H x 6.5"L x 3.25"W. 0746775086381 is the bar code for this item. To learn more about this toy, visit the market button below.

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Model: 0746775086381
UPS: 746775086381
Package Quantity: 1

Former weapons master Duncan has shed his noble ways and slithered over towards the dark side thanks to an evil spell. Exposed for the Serpents Ring, Duncan was magically transformed by King Hssss into a snake man permanently. Under this evil spell, he utilized his genius to produce great and horrific machines of war for the Snake Men as they battled for manage of Eternia. Changed forever in to the reprehensibly reptilian Snake Man At Arms, this figure arrives utilizing a replica of the Serpents Ring accountable for his transformation, at the identical time as the mace he now yields in service of the evil King Hssss. Real Name Duncan with the Viper Clan Duncan heroically served King Randor throughout their battles with Skeletor and the Snake Men as Eternias chief war strategist and weapons maker. Also included is issue #2 of the allnew 30th Anniversary mini comic (#2 inside a series of 3 ). Eventually, Duncan was forced to battle against Clamp Champ, who had since replaced him as Royal Man At Arms. In their epic final duel all through the Second Ultimate Battleground, Duncan was mortally wounded, but not before momentarily recovering his humanity thanks to a spell cast by his daughter Teela, the new Sorceress of Grayskull.


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