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He Man Masters Of The Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure Skeletor

He Man Classics Exclusive Action Figure5 Star Rating
He Man Classics Exclusive Action Figure
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He Man Classics Exclusive Is A Very Brilliant And Intersting Super Hero Toy

He Man Masters Of The Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure Skeletor - a great item from Mattel is totally big fun to play with! I actually loved that the item had the feature of power sword and half of the power sword. Other highlights include includes havoc staff and chest armor. The He-man toy dimensions are 8"H x 6"L x 1"W. Part# 27084689174. Great deal on He Man Masters Of The Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure Skeletor . To get this product now at the cheapest price, visit our affilate add to shopping cart button on this page.

masters universe classics exclusive action figure

Discount Price: $69.95
Brand: Mattel
Model: 0027084689174
UPC: 027084689174


The Classics Skeletor (Re-Issue) features the phrase â € œ The Original â € inside the front right corner of the packaging as an homage to the Skeletor from the 1984 line, and features a handful of improvements such as the left hand â € œ tight grip â €, improved face paint, and modification to his character profile to incorporate the mention of Demo-Man; the fully-articulated Classics Skeletor is outfitted with removable chest armor, and is equipped with sword of Power, Half Power Sword, and Havoc Staff accessories. In exchange for Keldor â € TMs servitude he was merged with each of the Demo-Man of Despondos and permanently transformed into the ghastly Skeletor. Reassembling the horde of evil warriors formerly commanded by the charismatic Keldor, Skeletor redoubled his quest to breach the mystic walls of Castle Grayskull and obtain access to the energy of the Elders. Originating as the substantially more humanlike warlord Keldor, half-brother of King Randor, Skeletor was mortally wounded by his personal acid compound and was forced to forge a dark pact with his mentor, Hordak.

Features List

  • Power Sword and half of the Power Sword.
  • Includes Havoc Staff
  • chest armor
  • Pack: 1
  • Size: 6" SCALE
  • Dimensions: Height: 8" Length: 6" Depth: 1"
  • Package Dim.: Height: 3.4" Length: 9.3" Width: 6.8"
  • Package Weight: 0.7 lbs.

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