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He Man Masters Of The Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure Slush Head

He Man Classics Exclusive Action Figure

Exhilarating to play super heroes with the He Man Classics Exclusive - a great toy from Mattel Toys! In my opinion, you will love that the toy includes flogg's favorite fiend is highly detailed and outfitted with tentacles that end in fully articulated claws. The toy is 3.25" Height x 9.25" Length x 6.75" Width. 746775086374 is the UPC barcode aka the "Universal Product Code", for this item. To get the product now at the best price, visit our partners via the link below.

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Model: 0746775086374
UPS: 746775086374
Package Quantity: 1

He could not be the brightest star in the galaxy, but if youre looking for loyalty, then dimwitted disaster Slush Head is definitely your goto goon. The promise of riches and power were adequate to sway this mutant moron and goon squad member to Skeletors evil methods. As a petty thug and pickpocket, Kalamarr bounced in and out of Prison Starr throughout his youth. He includes removable armor, a space blaster, and, just like the vintage toy, an encased cranium that really holds water (swamp stench and water not included ). Floggs favorite fiend is highly detailed and outfitted with tentacles that finish in totally articulated claws. Just when he began getting his life in order, Skeletor arrived on his quest to overthrow the Horde Empire. He carries a trident spear gun as well as a saber axe, too as two huge mechanical tentacles for grabbing and crushing his foes. Slush Head Bio Real Name Kalamarr This grotesque, scaly, webfooted creature from Denebrias stinking Quagmire Swamp had his head permanently encased inside a plateelium dome complete of the swamps foul waters.


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