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He Man Masters Of The Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure Trapjaw

He Man Classics Exclusive Action Figure

I definitely loved that the toy had this is an adult collector action figure. It's dimensions are 9.5" Height x 6.75" Length x 3.25" Width and it has a weight of 2.14 lbs. Product Number 0027084835984. When searching for He Man Classics Exclusive do not simply purchase from the first place you locate. The initial place you discover it might not be the best. Articles are an effective way to get understanding of both price and quality linked to all sorts of things. The trick to get straight answers about toys is always to browse a variety of recommendations. Get an idea of the overall impression of many people and you'll see if most people love or hate the item.


Model: 0027084835984
UPS: 027084835984
Package Quantity: 1

One look at Trap Jaw, evil henchman for Skeletor, and you know this crazed cyborg's no bark, all deadly bite! Use extreme caution about Trap Jaw - just like the vintage toy, his mouth is on a hinge that opens and closes! Ready for battle, 1 of a lot of most fan-requested figures ever comes total with 3 interchangeable attachments that hang from his belt when not connected to his arm, plus a swappable left arm and extra head to transform him back to Kronis.


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