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He-man Masters Of The Universe Classics Grizzlor Figure

He-man Masters Of The Universe Classics4 Star Rating
Heman Masters Of The Universe ClassicsHeman Masters Of The Universe Classics Grizzlor Figure Image 1
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He-man Masters Of The Universe Classics Grizzlor Figure Is Undoubtedly Good Fun To Play With

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he-man masters universe classics grizzlor figure

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With utter and total mindlessness, this brutal beast has a single mission to defend his beloved Horde Empire against the great that is Eternia! Underneath the fur exterior is a fullyarticulated figure sculpted in fearsome detail by The Four Horsemen. Prison Guard for the Horde, Grizzlor is ready to unleash his fierce claws to attack the forces of Eternia! Renamed Grizzlor he traveled with Hec Tor Kur to Eternia in search of He Ro. Club Eternia Monthly Figure As an homage for the original, Grizzlor is protected by fur that feels just like the vintage figure, plus a breast plate, classicstyle green crossbow, axe, machete, sword, plus a removable loin cloth. Grizzlor Bio Real Name Gurrull Gu Rrooowarrrk Originally a peaceful creature from the planet Jungulia, at the young age of 428 Gurrull was kidnapped by the Horde Empire who erased his memories so he would serve loyally in their armies. His ferocious attacks had been so frightening that even immediately after becoming banished to Despondos in addition to his master, Grizzlors legend lived on, becoming a myth told to young Eternian children.

Features List

  • Weight: 2.06 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 3.4" Length: 9.4" Width: 6.7"
  • Package Weight: 0.75 lbs.

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