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He-man She-ra Masters Of The Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure 3 Pack Star Sisters Starla Jewelstar Tallstar Mattel

Heman Shera Classics Exclusive Action

Fabulous super hero He-man She-ra Classics Exclusive Action . The barcode for this item is 746775086183. To see the great deal I discovered, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button on this page.


Model: 0746775086183
UPS: 746775086183
Package Quantity: 1

Starla, Bright and Beautiful Leader Real Name Gemma, Jewelstar, Hidden Beauty Real Name Devena Tallstar, Lovely Lookout Real Name Cassandra In ancient times, an evil sorceress became jealous with the Star Sisters youth and beauty and trapped them in a shooting star. Jewelstar magically conjures gem armor to shield herself and others. There, they remained magically confined in the side of a mountain until the day Swiftwinds hooves accidently loosened the stone that concealed their prison. In gratitude, the sisters pledged their everlasting friendship. Together, they stand sidebyside with She Ra in the battle for freedom. Starla, with her pet Glorybird, can sense danger and project spells of light against her foes. She Ra quickly utilised her powers to melt away the star that held them captive. It was sent hurling through the cosmos until the three women crashlanded on Etheria. Tallstar uses her magic to stretch to unbelievable lengths.


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