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Motu He-man Masters Of The Universe Classics Evil Beast Deluxe Figure Griffin

Motu Heman Classics Evil Beast Deluxe

0746775086152 is the model number for this item. One of the many key features for this toy is the lion might lie down with the lamb, but the griffin would rather fly into battle with a warrior on his back. The He-man toy is 13.25" Height x 12" Length x 5.25" Width. It has a weight of 4 lbs. Where to buy the Motu He-man Classics . To see the discount I uncovered, visit the market add to shopping cart button below.

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Model: w8891
UPS: 746775086152
Package Quantity: 1

This beadyeyed brute is cleared for takeoff and ready to attack! Soaring high above Eternia, Griffins bring terror to those below! Raqquill Rqazz, a Beast Man serving Skeletor from Snake Mountain, generally calls upon several Griffins to carry him and his master into battle. Real Name Varies Griffins, great flying beasts originally brought to Eternia by Star Merchants, broke free and lived in a wild colony deep within the Vine Jungle. The lion might lie down with the lamb, however the Griffin would rather fly into battle generating use of a warrior on his back. Here they had been as soon as again enslaved, becoming the steed of choice for the savage Beast Men living in their treetop villages. Weve got the burly Beast Man, menacing master of the Griffin, available now. Heres your chance to personal a dastardly duo both creature and rider! During the Second Ultimate Battleground, several hundred Griffins were commanded to attack Grayskull Tower, hoping to weaken the Masters defense perimeter. Sporting a beak only a mother could love and a massive wingspan, this impressive oversized figure is completely posable and comes with a removable saddle that can accommodate a rider, for example the Beast Man figure.


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