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Motu Masters Of The Universe Smash Blade He-man

Motu Smash Blade Heman
Motu Masters Of The Universe Smash Blade Heman Image 1

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The old Masters of the Universe action figures featured great guy characters who, while certainly committed to defeating evil, never seemed all that upset about their crusade. He'll need those tools, his new muscles, and all that pent-up annoyance to counter his funny looking getup though: fuzzy blue briefs and boots together with gold wristbands. Apparently, it's also given him plenty of time to work out due to the fact 6-1/2-inch He-Man is flat out ripped. He-Man can swivel at the hips making use of a springy action that tends to make swinging his weapons look even much more intimidating. I guess twenty years of pursuing Skeletor will do that to a guy. This new musculature will come in handy while lifting a 5-inch sword, a big shield, or his snazzy smash blade, that is really a set of three spiky balls that can spin around on a single stick. --Charlie Williams But inside the new generation of figures, He-Man in distinct looks downright furious.


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